My Week of Mindfulness

Last Monday, I made a vow to my readers that I would perform some form of mindfulness meditation every night for one week. And, to your shock and awe, I successfully completed the challenge.

Successful completion of the challenge, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that every mindfulness meditation session was a success. There were many moments of distraction, frustration, fatigue, and the inevitable wandering of my “monkey” mind.

Yet, I began to look forward to my 10- or 20-minute session. Each session was different, however, each ended on a similar note: me feeling very relaxed, rested, and ready for bed.

Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, I did not complete a full 45-minute body scan. However, I did manage to complete a Lake Meditation, three Guided Lying Meditations (two were of the 10-minute variety and one of the 20-minute variety), 1 self-guided body scan (approx. 5 minutes), one self-guided sitting meditation, and one yoga / mindfulness session.

Over the course of the next few weeks I plan to share a variety of the mindfulness CDs that I use in my practice in addition to some very simple and easy to employ breathing meditations. To clarify, there is nothing “easy” about mindfulness meditation. While a certain meditation (of the 3-minute variety) may be “easy” to integrate into your daily routine, it is imperative that you understand the following: mindfulness is a very difficult and challenging practice to practice. It takes time, focus, intention, commitment, patience and a lot of self-compassion.

Remember to always be kind to your “monkey” mind.


Coming Soon to Live It Active:

Breathing Meditations

Interview with Jenna Brady (former Dietitian/PhD Candidate) on Fat Shaming


Photo Attribution: NA.dir

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