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Coming Soon – Wednesday Workout Tip

A friend of mine, Mr. Epidemiology asked, via Twitter, if Live It Active (a.k.a. me) had any ideas on how to perform a park or field based workout without equipment. Over the past few days I have been brainstorming, trying to come up with new ideas on how to use the park equipment (and the fruits of nature for that matter) like never before.

Tonight I am hoping to get pictures taken of the exercises to post for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. Hence, the “Coming Soon – Wednesday Workout Tip” title of this post.

If you have any park workout ideas that you would like to share, please send me an email at


P.S. I managed to squeeze in a “Lake Meditation” on Monday and a “10-minute Guided Lying Meditation” last night. Both meditations were performed later in the evening and yet, I felt very alert following their completion. This week has proven to be quite exciting/stressful already and I think, well I hope, that these mindful moments are helping me to better manage my feelings of stress.  Only time will tell…


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