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Wednesday Workout Tip: The Wood Chop

Good morning! I wanted to give you one quick exercise to add to your already marvelous routine.

The Wood Chop

How to perform:

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart while holding a dumbbell with both hands. Bring the dumbbell down beside your right hip (you will have a slight bend in your elbows).

2. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed through your feet and that your knees are in line with your toes (something I try to remind my Zumba participants every class). Once you’ve got it organized, squat down until your thighs are almost parallel with the ground (shudder a few times).

3. Squeeze your buttocks as you stand up, keeping a slight bend in your knees when you reach standing position. “But wait, what about the dumbbell?” you ask. As you come to standing position draw the dumbbell from the right hip across your body and raise it upwards until it is above your left shoulder (your body will twist slightly to the left when performing this motion).

4. Hold this position (standing with dumbbell above left shoulder) for a second and then release back to starting position. Repeat about 15-20 times and then switch sides.

And there you have it, the Wood Chop – a pretty snazzy move if you ask me.

Happy Wednesday.




Pamela Mazzuca Prebeg – Personal Trainer and Athletic Therapist.


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