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Have a “Happy Hour” Tonight

No, I don’t mean with booze (but you could…). I mean an hour (or half if you are limited on the time front) of doing something that makes you happy.

Let me be clear, this does not refer to happiness derived from getting all the chores completed on your To-Do list.  Yet, if doing chores brings you incredible bliss (like performing the actual chore itself) than I guess I can’t stop you. I want you to spend the time doing something (which may involve doing nothing) that you rarely have time to do, but always want to do.

This may be reading, cooking, writing poetry, singing, exercising, meditating, lying on the couch, watching a movie, taking a walk, going for a drive, getting an ice cream, making lasagna, going shopping, dusting off your stamp collection, etc.

If a happy hour is not possible tonight, aim to accomplish it sometime this week or weekend. And my goodness, if you can’t find one hour for yourself over the course of a week, perhaps you should be taking a deep and dark look at your schedule. Perhaps it is a little too packed? Just a thought…

Happy happy hour.



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