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Wednesday Workout Tip: Watch your form

Proper form is imperative to getting the biggest bang for your buck when exercising. A friend and fitness trainer extraordinaire recently provided me with some great tips on how to get the right form when performing exercises such as squats, lunges, and forward row.

Today’s tip – watch the movement of your hip when doing a forward or backward lunge. More specifically, be careful that the hip of the forward leg does not bulge outward, away from your centre line. Note: this is going to be more of a problem for beginners, however, intermediates and experts should always be checking their form.

If you’re doing the move incorrectly than you are not going to receive maximum benefit. Furthermore, you run the risk of injury.

All in all, bad form is bad form.

What can you do? Put the palm of your hand (the hand on the same side as the forward leg) on the same side glute. Your hand will act as a reminder and hopefully prevent that hip bulge.


Thanks to Lisa Armstrong, RD PTS who provided this tip!


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