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14 Activities for You and Your Lovey Dovey

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Need a few activity ideas for you and your sweetie? Look no further…

1. Skating at City Hall (Hello…can we say romantic?)

2. Strolling along the Speed or whatever river/body of water happens to be close

3. Going on a magical winter sleigh ride

4. Taking the dog (or just yourselves) for a walk in the countryside

5.  Cross-country skiing through your local park (I saw a gentleman doing this on Sunday morning)

6. Walking downtown for a hot chocolate/coffee/hot toddy

7. Doing hot yoga together. While this may seem a little off the wall, hot yoga is relaxing and can be (if you’re me) emotional (nice emotional, not scary emotional). Sharing this experience with your partner may actually be quite lovely. The hard part will be just getting them there.

8. Sharing a kiss…

9.  Going tobogganing. Buy a $5 crazy carpet and hit your local hill.

10. Go downhill skiing together. If you’re stuck in Ontario, I feel your pain. The hills are fairly brutal. However, if you have a good partner to go with, any sized hill can be a blast.

11.  Go to the spa together. Again, this may take some convincing, but I encourage you to try. Spa Scandinave, located at Blue Mountain, Whistler and Tremblant, is one that I highly recommend.

12. Make your own spa at home. If you can’t afford the hot baths of Spa Scandinave, create your own retreat.

13. Plan, purchase and prepare a meal together.

14. Go for a light jog around the block together. Anything is better than nothing.

I tried to focus on active activities, however, a few non-active ones slipped in. The most important aspect of doing something together is to find something you both enjoy. This can be challenging if you are quite different people, but it can be accomplished – I promise.

Happy Love Day.


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  1. We are skating at Nathan Phillips Square tonight with a hot toddy! (what’s a hot toddy?) Thanks for the ideas!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

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