Is finding inner peace possible?

This post marks the first of many that will focus on the concepts of inner peace, mindfulness meditation, and the pursuit of eternal happiness. I have already written a number of posts on mindfulness meditation, however, I have yet to write about how to go about being mindful on a more regular basis. I have provided very little guidance on the subject which is something I hope to change over the next few weeks.

Recently, my friend and former lab mate was published in the Globe & Mail. The article, “Why was it so frustrating trying to find inner peace?” chronicles Peter’s brief, albeit powerful  exposure to meditation. Peter discusses the challenges of meditation and highlights the importance of finding the right teacher. As there are many different paths to enlightenment available to you, finding the right trail and guide is extremely important. Thus, if one particular path and/or guide does not work for you, follow Peter’s example, try another.

After four days of nightly meditation sessions with Sandeh, his new and improved meditation guru, Peter experienced a silencing of his mind.

“For the first time in my life, my mind is silent. Although it lasts for only a second, the experience is remarkable.”

At the end of his four days with Sandeh, Peter asked her why she kept the White Lotus (her meditation centre) so elusive and “…she replied with a smile, ‘The right people always manage to find me'”.

While Peter’s interlude with inner peace is profound, I believe Sandeh’s comment to be more so. The path to inner peace is long, winding, and can be marred in fog on a regular basis. The road to eternal happiness can induce feelings of defeat, despair, and anger. It is not for those looking for a quick-fix. It is not for those who have been coerced into it. This path is for those who are ready and in my opinion, “the right people” are those that are ready. It would seem, that Peter was ready.

As the saying aptly summarizes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

More on this later…



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