“Exercise? In this Weather?”

Yes, you can exercise outside in this wintery climate of ours.

Here are some ideas:

1. Run. Wear a touque, gloves, and start out walking to allow your lungs to acclimatize. They will tighten in the cold, but once you start running, things will get better.

2. Go sledding with friends OR you kiddies. Your kids will think you’re their hero (for that day at least) and if the climb to the top doesn’t get your heart rate going, I am not sure what will.

3. Rent snowshoes.

4. Go skating at City Hall. The ice rink is open for business in downtown Guelph and it looks lovely (I am a terrible skater…). The best part? Heading for hot chocolate OR a hot toddy at Atmosphere or one of the nearby restaurants.

5. Go on a trail ride. Yes, with horses. Just remember to wear a number of socks on each foot, gloves, a vest, and long-johns. There is nothing quite like a trail ride in the winter.

6. Try downhill or cross-country skiing. I love downhill. That doesn’t mean I am good at it, but I get an amazing adrenalin rush, a chance to be outside, and the opportunity to spend quality time with my partner, family and friends. While downhill is good for working those leg muscles, cross-country skiing is good for working pretty much every major muscle group. Additionally, cross-country skiing is one of the top sports for cardiovascular conditioning.

7. Play hockey, preferably outside on a pond. Just be careful about the ice. I don’t think any of you should be heading to the nearby pond just yet.

8. Create an obstacle course. Most Canadians understand the difficulty of merely walking through snow. Why not make an obstacle course (outside, of course) and have a family challenge.

9. Make snow angels. You will definitely want a snowsuit for this activity.

10. Try dog sledding. Now, this adventure can get pretty expensive, but I’ve heard it is worth every penny. Don’t think you’re just going to be standing or sitting on a sled. Oh no. From running, jumping, to gripping the reins, you will be working very hard!

Happy winter!



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