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Dealing with the Holiday Food Hangover

Happy Saturday! It has been a lovely day here in Guelph, giving residents the opportunity to Christmas shop without fear of soaking their newly purchased wares.

T’is the Christmas/Holiday season or perhaps more commonly known as throw-caution-to-the-wind-in-regards-to-portion-control season.

I lovely holiday parties; delicious snacks, flowing beverages, and of course, more snacks. It is hard to resist the pastry-laden goodies or the dripping-with butter treats – believe me, I completely understand the challenge.

I write not to say “don’t” but to say “do” indulge your sweet/savory tooth this festive season. Yes, that’s right – indulge, dig in, over-imbibe, inhale, binge, snarf, feed your face….OK, you get the picture.

There are other ways you can combat the Holiday Food Hangover scenario/bloat.

1. Do your grocery shopping at a full-out sprint. I know dealing with erratic walkers is a grocery store runner’s nightmare, but consider them part of your agility training. At the check-out keep up the pace, just on the spot. Don’t worry, people are only staring because they’re jealous of your Running Room jacket.

2. Drink gallons of water. OK, don’t drink gallons, but drink a lot. Drink enough to make you a little queasy and then you’ll definitely stay away from the holiday treats (just kidding on the queasy part…)

3. Laugh. It’s a good kcal burn.

4. Take my Holiday Zumba Challenge from Dec. 27th to 29th in Guelph, ON. OK, stop groaning. I know what you’re thinking “if I hear the word Zumba one more time come out of Morgan’s mouth I am going to…” But seriously, it’s fun, I’m fun, the group is fun, it’s totally fun and you’ll definitely burn off A LOT of calories (that is a serious statement – I just wanted to clarify as there aren’t many of those in this post).

5.  Conduct a family snowball fight. Build igloos. Build snowmen. Demolish them. Play capture the snow-chicken (a new breed just discovered in Iceland).

6. Heat up by the fire. More specifically, heat up your partner by the fire (double heat effect). “Say whaaaaat?” Seriously, do it.

7. Just start jiving at your work Holiday party. Party is already over? Not a problemo, just start jiving in your office, create a dance train, sing carols to your boss, or just start something festive (I don’t know what that is exactly, but I know it’s going to be good).

If you’re feeling brave, why not share some of your very serious techniques for dealing with the Holiday Food Hangover.

Happy throwing-caution-to-the-wind!



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  1. * Jess says:

    The water tip is great! My tip for family dinners that I’ve been employing at all holidays meals: fill half your plate with veggies/salad and only one quarter with meat. Usually half my plate is salad, a quarter are veggies/potatoes and the final bit is for meat. I eat my veggies first and make sure I put my fork down after every bite. Slows me down and makes me realize when I’m full!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 3 months ago
    • That is 100% mindful eating! What a fantastic piece of advice. Love it! Thank you for sharing.

      | Reply Posted 6 years, 3 months ago

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