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Why investing in your employees is essential

A good friend of mine passed along this article to me the other day. It discusses the importance of workplace wellness programs and the return on investment for employers. Just to give you a quick idea of how beneficial such programs can be:

  • For every $1 spent on health promotion, businesses experience about a $3.27 reduction in medical costs and $2.37 reduction in absenteeism associated costs[1]
  • Employees who reduce their stress levels can save employers approximately $925/year[2]
  • Employees who quit smoking can save their employers approximately $3,396/year[3]
  • On average, Canadian workers who experience minimal stress call in sick an average of 6x/year relative to their stressed out counterparts who call in almost 14x/year[4]
  • Improved employee retention and ability to attract high calibre employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Enhanced business growth

You get what you give when it comes to your employees. The healthier your employees, the more productive they are. The more productive they are, the better your bottom line.

If you’re comfortable, share these statistics with your employer. Print them out and post them on your office fridge. Talk to your colleagues. Hold a workplace wellness meeting and create a committee.

In order to be productive and successful, you must have your health. Employers need to realize the necessity of investing in employee health and well-being. You know you’re important – your employer should think so too.

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[1] Baicker et al. 2010. “Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings” Harvard University: Health Affairs.

[2] Buffet & Company Worksite Wellness. “Did you know”.

[3] Sun Life Canadian Health Index. 2010. “Employee Health Matters: Breaking down barriers to reap the rewards of a healthy workforce”.

[4] The Health Communication Unit at the Centre of Health Promotion, University of Toronto. “The Case for comprehensive workplace health promotion


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