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Do something nice…for someone else

I firmly believe that we need to be good to ourselves before we can be good to others. I believe that this blog has provided a plethora of material on how to be good to yourself. So now, I think we can be good to someone else or perhaps a group of others.

The bonus? By being good to others, you’ll likely experience what I (and many others) call the warm fuzzy. Here are some ideas on how to experience the warm fuzzy:

1. Make scrambled eggs for your partner before they get up. The delicious scent of breakfast simmering on the stove will have them up in no time.

2. Pick up your partner’s wet towels off the ground without complaining.

3. Send your grandma a hand-written letter.

4. Write your colleague a wee note thanking them for something (that they actually did) and leave the note on their desk when they’re not there. That way it becomes a delightful and unexpected surprise upon their return from the washroom/staff meeting/lunch.

5. Take out the trash (if it’s not normally your task).

6. Watch the movie that your friend chooses (without complaining).

7. Ask your boss if they want a coffee on your way out.

8. Start a lunchtime conversation group and discuss about topics of interest (e.g. philosophy, the classics, the Kardashians, horticulture, aquatic life, etc.).

9. Compliment someone on something (but truly mean it).

10. Bake cookies for friends and colleagues without reason.

Get the idea? OK, good. Now go on and do something nice for someone else!

Happy Friday.



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