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The bento box – a sodium goldmine

So you like sushi? More specifically, you enjoy the delicious bento box. Even more specifically, you like the chicken supreme bento box. Even if you don’t partake now, this article will likely you prevent you from ever doing so.

Featured in the Toronto Star, the article discusses the merits or perhaps the lack thereof, of the chicken supreme bento box. What does the meal contain? A bowl of miso soup (I honestly cannot stand this stuff), a small iceberg lettuce salad with yummy ginger dressing, crispy tempura, six slices of sushi, rice, and a portion of chicken Teriyaki. If this collection of goodies has got you drooling, please read below before heading out to the nearest Sushi establishment.

OK, are you ready for the calorie count? This delightful chicken bento box contains 1,685 calories in addition to a whopping 3861 mg of sodium. To me, the sodium content is the most concerning part of this meal. The dietician quoted in the article states that this is equivalent to 2 1/2 days worth of sodium. Um, yikes.

I assume chicken supreme bento box lovers are hating me right now. But seriously, that amount of salt in one meal is absolutely frightening. Imagine you have undiagnosed hypertension and mow down on this particular bento box? Not good, not good at all.


P.S. Thank you to my momma for sending this article my way!



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