Getting a workout in on holiday

Taking a break from work (i.e. a vacation or staycation) is a necessary part of life. You need to rest. You need to relax. You need to rejuvenate. If you don’t, you won’t be as productive at work or home and likely, not be as contented with your life overall. My point – it’s important.

When we go away however, our routine changes considerably. Our days become filled with lying, sitting, eating, eating and more eating. We tend to eat a lot and sit a lot more than usual. Based on the activity of everyday North Americans NOT on vacation, this is pretty scary. Scary because we already sit and eat enough.

Yes, I know, I’ve presented two conflicting messages: 1) You need to rest and 2) We sit and eat too much already so you don’t do anymore of that on vacation.

Let me clarify my messages. It’s about balance. And resting on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean ALL sitting or lounging in the sun. You need to rest both the body and the mind. And resting the mind does not mean zoning out watching television. It’s about engaging the mind in activities/adventures that you wouldn’t normally do at home. It’s about taking your mind out of the routine and presenting it with something novel, challenging and exciting.

So what type of activities am I referring to? A walking tour of the local city/town/village. An exploration of local galleries/museums/interesting venues. If that sounds dreadful try out some local activities like a dance class, hang-gliding, zip-lining, swimming with certain aquatic animals – you get the picture.

Yes, resting the body is important. I think a few beach days or time spent around the fire are necessary in order to fully recharge. However, I don’t think you vacation should be spent solely on your behind. I think it is important to give your mind a rest from the regular routine and explore. The best part of resting the mind? You will likely incorporate some physical activity into your vacation. An awesome bonus if you ask me.

Who knew resting the mind could be so beneficial for the body?



2 thoughts on “Getting a workout in on holiday

  1. Now that I’m funemployed (kind of like a vacation, right?) I’m going to try new things that don’t require me to fit them in after work. For example, I’m pumped for your Zumba class and I’m going to try walking with friends when we want to visit rather than sitting for coffee. As for the mind part, I’ve already played a game of Scrabble and many rounds of Bananagrams!

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