On “Getting sweaty with a partner”

So…did you get sweaty with a partner/colleague/friend yesterday? If you did, good work! If you didn’t, do it today!

As promised, I completed the workout. And…it was awesome!

Last night, as my friend and I were near the completion of our walk (9 KM – sorry, I had to share) along the Speed River, I informed her that we still had another workout to complete.  Her facial expression spoke volumes. She was not impressed with me for shedding this piece of information at the supposed end of our workout.

As we worked our way through the routine, her reluctance turned into joy (slight exaggeration). Fortunately she knows how to count from 1 to 12. For some reason I was unable to count our lunges or squats, jumping from 1 to 3 or staying at 1 for three repetitions. We did have a peanut gallery (her BBQ-master fiancé) providing some words of encouragement (*cough, cough). On a serious note, I think he was impressed.

We completed the routine in about 12 minutes or so. The best part, we laughed the entire time. My shameful counting skills provided the majority of laughs, however, doing something interactive and working as a team was very enjoyable.

We plan to do the partner workout next week. Even better, we plan to go through the routine twice.

A friend is a gift. But finding a friend to walk/workout with, who both challenges you and makes you laugh is, well, priceless.

So go on and get sweaty with  a partner!



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