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Wednesday Workout Tip: Integrate “Silly Walks” into your routine

Looking for new ways to walk? Say whaaaat? You heard me – want to change the way you walk?

Perhaps you could integrate some “silly walks” into your routine. If you need inspiration please check out Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks for ideas.

What do you think? Could you integrate some of these steps into your daily walking routine?


If Monty Python’s silly walking is not for you (and I can’t imagine why not), I have another suggestion – do a dynamic warm-up.

What is it? A dynamic warm-up is a movement based stretching routine performed prior to exercise. Click here to view a short clip that demonstrates a few warm-up exercises you could do.

Why do a dynamic warm-up as opposed to a static stretch (i.e. when you stretch one muscle at a time)? It helps to increase your heart rate and therefore, blood flow to working muscles more efficiently and effectively as compared to static stretching. This will, in turn, help to prevent muscle tearing.  And what’s more, performing a dynamic warm-up will help to increase your daily step-count!

How long should you do it for? I suggest that your warm-up be around 5-10 minutes.

Questions? Drop me a line at

Happy (silly) walking.




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