On the Wednesday Workout Routine…

As promised I completed the workout routine after work yesterday. And…I think I was a little too generous with the time. You should aim to get that workout done (with a few extra jumping jacks) in about 30 minutes. I definitely had a good sweat going on!

The best part of the workout – the stares I got from people walking through or driving past the park. It was as if they had never seen someone doing jumping jacks and/or burpees before. However, I was not deterred. And you shouldn’t be either! Just keep on jacking (i.e. doing jumping jacks)!

My good friend sent me a link to a video that provides some other burpee ideas/options. You should definitely check it out!

Happy Thursday.


P.S. Make sure to send me an email on tips/tricks you use to get a better sleep! I’ve received some great ideas already!




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