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Wednesday Workout Routine

Perhaps you noticed the slight change in the title this morning? I thought I would give you a routine to perform at lunch or after work today instead of a general tip.

I appreciate that doing exercise at lunch is tough. First of all, time is tight. Second, getting sweaty and then getting back into work clothes without showering can make for a difficult afternoon (i.e. your clothes are sticking, you feel gross, and your fellow employees keep giving you the eye due to the regular whiffs coming from your direction). Perhaps going after work is a better solution, but I know most people like to have their evenings free.

So…let’s get to the routine.

1. Get outside and do a 10 minute moderate-vigorous walk to get your heart rate (HR) up. If you want to know how many calories this would burn check out my old post about skipping. Note: Moderate-Vigorous walking would be around 6 METs (give or take).

2. Find some green or carpet space and do 10 burpees. What’s a burpee? You start by jumping up with hands up above your head. Upon your return to ground you move directly into a push-up position. Do a push-up. Return to standing. Repeat. Yes, I know it’s hard.

3. Take a 30 second rest.

4. Move into a plank position. Check out this site for information on a proper plank. Make sure your elbows or hands are directly below your shoulder blades to avoid strain. Hold this position for 30 seconds (or more). Repeat 2-3 times.

5. Take a 30 second rest.

6. Complete 25 jumping jacks to get that HR back up.

7. Complete 10-15 squats. Make sure you are able to see your toes when you squat down (you do not want your knees going too far forward). Also, be sure to stick your butt out as you move into the squat position. Hold each squat for two seconds.

8. Cool down. Do a quick 5 minute low-intensity walk or whatever else tickles your fancy.

9. STRETCH. Spend at least 5-10 minutes stretching.

10. Get changed and get back to work!

Approximate time:  41 minutes (which is very generous and includes 10 minutes of stretching :))!

Have an active lunch today. I will likely be in the car at lunch travelling – but I will definitely do this tonight.



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