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“Always Do Your Best”

“Always do your best”

Most of us have heard this expression before. Many of us have had people say it directly to us (usually by people who love us).

But what is your best? How do you know when you’re doing your best? How can you quantify it?

I recently read a book titled The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book is based on the ancient Toltec wisdom of the indigenous people of Southern Mexico.  The Agreements were as follows:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t make assumptions

3. Don’t take things personally

4. Always do your best

Each of the Agreements is powerful. However, I thought the final Agreement – “Always do your best” related well to exercise and overall physical activity.

Miguel describes your best as ever-changing, dependent on your mood, sleep level, stress, overall health, etc. Thus, your best depends on the day. He encouraged the reader to do his/her very best for that day and that day only.

In summary, perhaps quantifying what constitutes your best is impossible. Perhaps not. But what I encourage you to do is your best for the day you are presently in. Perhaps you push yourself to run 100m farther and faster or perhaps it is an entire kilometer. This may be better than the day prior and worse than the day to come – but it’s your best in the present.

Happy Friday.





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