Wednesday Workout Tip: DO Zumba

Zumba is the most recent exercise fad and for good reason. It totally rocks. Why? 1. You work all muscle groups (even your wrist flexors and extensors). 2. Your cardiorespiratory system is worked hard - for some dance sequences I bet you are working around 75-80% of your Vo2Max. 3. You sweat like a beast. … Continue reading Wednesday Workout Tip: DO Zumba


Ironwomen Hitting the Wall

Do you know what it's truly like to "hit the wall"? Well, these two ladies definitely do. While their actions are funny, it is pretty scary that they were able to push their bodies to full blood glucose and near muscle glycogen depletion. This may cause you to rethink ever trying an Ironman... M

Wednesday Workout Tip: Create a Healthier Workplace

We sure do spend a lot of time at work. On average, work accounts for 36% of our waking hours (I included weekends in that calculation). And by the time you get home you're completely zonked with little interest in exercising. How can you fit exercise and/or healthy living into your daily routine? Help create … Continue reading Wednesday Workout Tip: Create a Healthier Workplace

What’s going on during sleep?

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed the current fixation on sleep. This fixation is due to a number of reasons: a) I stated in a blog post last week that I would talk about sleep for the next two weeks and; b) Because I find sleep fascinating. Before I begin getting … Continue reading What’s going on during sleep?

Why do we sleep?

I have to start off with an apology to my readers for the title of my post yesterday. I totally forgot to change the title before I published it - it wasn't intended to be a trick to get you to read the post, but it sure does appear that way. Sorry! I do hope that … Continue reading Why do we sleep?