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From the Book of (Even More) Awesome

Neil Pasricha has got things right. He makes an excellent living writing about how Awesome life is. And life is pretty Awesome when you think about. Sometimes the little things in life can bog you down, but sometimes they can remind you of how amazing it is to be alive. Here are a few of those little things (and yes, they are different from the 10 I shared a few months ago):

1. Walking around naked when you are home alone – don’t deny it, you’ve done it. And if you haven’t, do it. It’s Awesome.

2. Finally peeing after holding it forever. As many of my friends will know, I have the smallest bladder in the universe so this one really hits home with me.

3. Hanging out with your mom (definitely going to get some brownie points for that one).

4.   Becoming a regular somewhere. I recently became  a regular at the Tim Horton’s on campus. I had been going there for almost a year before I became a regular. Now, they just look at me get the coffee ready and the Tim Bits in the bag.

5. When the dog’s really excited that you are back home. Pets are wicked friends because they are always happy to hang out with you and all they demand is your love. I just adore animals.

6. Seeing old people holding hands. Not only is it cute, it is a clear demonstration that love can last.

7. When somebody holds the elevator door for you. At my old apartment I would see people rushing to get on the elevator and get the door closed before I could get in the front door. So when people actually wait for me now I feel honoured.

8. When someone compliments your new hair cut. How many of you have spent a fortune on a new dye and cut job to have no one (not even your partner) notice this new you?  It sucks. So when you do finally get noticed, it’s pretty Awesome.

9. When you learn a new word and start seeing it everywhere.

10. Seeing shapes in clouds. The only way you get to see shapes is if you lie down on the grass (or a blanket) on a warm summer day and relax. So while seeing shapes is awesome, so is the associated and necessary relaxing time.

When the little things start to bog you down, remember the little things that are Awesome. See how many you experience today. See how many good things you experience tomorrow. It’ll be more than you expected.

Happy Monday



Pasricha, N. The Book of (Even More) Awesome. 2011.


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