Friday Workout Tip: How to workout in the heat

Unless you are summering in the Arctic, you may have noticed the heat wave that has taken over Southern Ontario. There is no doubt about it (please say in Canadian accent) it’s hot out there.

So how can you exercise in this kind of heat? Well, hopefully your gym has air conditioning. Not a gym member? Seek out an outdoor pool or a local beach and go for a swim (just remember to wear sunscreen). Not interested in swimming? If your house is air-conditioned (or your basement is cool) do an indoor workout. It’s funny, the link for indoor workouts is from a blog I wrote when it was too cold to go outside for a workout.  

I would highly recommend not running/walking/cycling or doing anything outside at the moment. Yes, I know you think you’re tough (and/or superhuman) and can survive exercising in the heat but your body will dislike (and/or hate you) if you do.

If you absolutely must exercise outside please just walk. Take water with you and don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen and wear a hat. Don’t go out for long and try to walk in the shade. If your body is urging you to sit down, sit down for goodness sake. That urge is produced when your core temperature is getting close to its maximum (around 40 degrees). If you hit that point bad things will start to happen…

So be smart in the heat – listen to your body. 



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