From the Book of (Even More) Awesome

Neil Pasricha has got things right. He makes an excellent living writing about how Awesome life is. And life is pretty Awesome when you think about. Sometimes the little things in life can bog you down, but sometimes they can remind you of how amazing it is to be alive. Here are a few of those little things (and yes, they … Continue reading From the Book of (Even More) Awesome


Friday Workout Tip: How to workout in the heat

Unless you are summering in the Arctic, you may have noticed the heat wave that has taken over Southern Ontario. There is no doubt about it (please say in Canadian accent) it's hot out there. So how can you exercise in this kind of heat? Well, hopefully your gym has air conditioning. Not a gym … Continue reading Friday Workout Tip: How to workout in the heat

The Weekend Warrior

Many of you will be familiar with the colloquial phrase for individuals only active on the weekend - the weekend warrior. Such individuals are those that make time for a long cycle or golf game on their Saturday or Sunday. They are individuals that understand the importance of activity, but cannot fit it into their … Continue reading The Weekend Warrior

“DNA is not destiny”

Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this catchy title. It was first used by the author Ethan Watters in a 2006 Discover publication in his article on the growing field of epigenetics. So what is epigenetics? It is the study of changes produced in gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA … Continue reading “DNA is not destiny”

On busyness: The ups and downs of leading a busy life

We are all busy. You are not the only one struggling to meet a deadline, get the grocery shopping done and dinner cooked in addition to cutting the lawn, cleaning the kitty litter and ironing your shirt for work. North Americans take a lot of pride in being busy. Likely, because it's a good thing. It … Continue reading On busyness: The ups and downs of leading a busy life

Relax, unwind and enjoy your Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all my lovely readers. It is an absolutely gorgeous day - the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect. We are about to set off to my father's citizenship ceremony. After 41 years he is finally becoming a Canadian citizen! The day promises to be a good one. Today most … Continue reading Relax, unwind and enjoy your Canada Day