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Wednesday Workout Tip: Get the family involved

Good morning!

So you want to start an exercise program and/or lose a little bit of weight this summer. However, your summer seems to be filling up with parties, weekends away at the cottage, and evening BBQs usually accompanied by a delicious glass of wine. Introducing a fitness program or achieving and sustaining weight loss is going to be difficult, however, not impossible.

For any program to work it needs to be maintainable for the long haul. Programs such as P90X, weight watchers, and personal training regimens are great to get you started, but they don’t necessarily lead to long-term weight loss. Why? Because they are really hard to keep up with and not always economically feasible (more so for the personal training). Yet, if these programs work for you then keep doing it. It’s about what works for you, not me.

In my opinion the only way to maintain a fitness or weight loss program is to get the family involved. You need support. I appreciate that others in the family may not want to be involved, especially teenagers. In the very least, it would be great to have your partner on board. Even if they aren’t doing the runs, going to the gym, or eating exactly what you eat, you need their verbal and heart-felt support. Otherwise, it’s going to be very hard to keep going.

So how do you get your partner on board? Or your family? Perhaps have a family meeting over a nice dinner. Discuss your goals. Be honest about what you need. Ask them what they would be willing to participate in. Perhaps setting up a friendly family competition would make it slightly more enticing to teens. Yet, competition is not really sustainable but could be a great way to get people started.  

Personally, I made a change in my diet last winter for my partner. He asked me nicely if we could change what we eat and remove a lot of the junk food from our pantry (yes, I love chocolate and frozen yogurt). At first, I was slightly resistant but once we made the change I felt more energized in the morning and throughout the day. It was a win win situation – I not only improved my own health, I supported my partner.

Family support is imperative to reach success. Making a clear statement about your goals and needs is important. Sometimes family members don’t know that you are struggling and require assistance. All it takes (in most, but not all) is communication. 

As the old adage goes “Ask and you shall receive”.




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