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Wednesday Workout Tip: Start with the exercises you hate

Such exercises may include, but are not limited to burpees, reverse burpees, mountain climbers, and jump squats. In my book, these activities come close to the worst exercises that ALWAYS seem to be a part of boot camp classes and circuit training.

However, while they may bring you close to tears or your previous meal these exercises are good for you. They elevate your heart rate and bring about a good muscle burn which are definite requirements of a good workout.

My advice? Get the exercise that you like the least, but is a regular part of your workout routine, over and done with at the outset. If that exercise is burpees I am in awe and slightly frightened by your masochistic tendencies. I however, only perform those exercises when forced (i.e. by a gym class instructor) but definitely have some regular exercises that I don’t enjoy and tend to place at the beginning of my workout (e.g. pushups).

By getting your least favorite exercises over and done with you can end your workout doing something you like. If you don’t like anything about your workout I would encourage you to switch it up and find something you do enjoy. Enjoying your workout (well, maybe not the first 10 minutes when doing burpees) is the only way to maintain it.  

Happy exercising.




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