“If it was easy, everyone would do it”

This quote resonates with me. It was said by my wise-beyond-his-years boyfriend when we were discussing school and thesis writing. It has become somewhat of a motto for me and was top of my mind yesterday during my duathalon.

The first 2 KM run was awesome. A nice warm-up. I go into the transition area, got on my bike and was off. In the first 5 KM I knew something was wrong, but as I am not cyclist I didn’t know what. My legs were burning and every second or so I would hear “left” indicating that I should move over slightly as I was about to be passed by yet another cycling god/goddess. Getting passed by these dudes/dudettes was not surprising to me. I am no Lance, I am not even close. However it was the constant burn, sweat and finally getting passed by a mountain bike that confirmed my suspicion that something was terribly wrong with my bike. However, I still had absolutely no clue what.

As I was cycling up the 400th hill (or so it seemed) I thought to myself “if this was easy, everyone would do it” and it saved me. It pushed me onwards. I didn’t care that I was getting passed left, right and centre. I had to finish this race for myself. This was my race and mine alone.

After finishing the cycle, I got back into the transition area and headed out for the 10 KM run. At this point my legs were jelly so I decided to enjoy the run and walk whenever necessary.

Upon my return, rest and re-hydration we decided to head home. I couldn’t bring myself to wheel the bike so my Dad kindly obliged. As he was pushing the bike he felt a remarkable pull on the front wheel. He looked down at my front wheel, looked at me and as he did so, two cyclists (gods) walked by and flipped my right brake up that had been down the entire time. They then turned back and said “We’ve all done it once before”.

So perhaps there are two lessons to take away from this experience. The first being that things aren’t always going to be easy.  The second – don’t ride through life with the brakes on. I wish I could take credit for this one, but it was my Dad who said this after the discovery of the brake malfunction or perhaps Morgan malfunction (as I was the one who put the brake down instead of up…).


P.S. Meditation challenge is still underway. Definitely a challenge on some days. If you’re doing it too – keep going! We’re almost done.




4 thoughts on ““If it was easy, everyone would do it”

  1. Thank you for the great post. You inspire me! I am so happy that you enjoyed your race. I am going to write down that quote, I really like it. Get some rest today 🙂

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