The meditation saga continues…

I have completed one week of the meditation challenge. If you have taken on this one month challenge firstly, that’s awesome and secondly, congratulations on finishing one week.

Briefly, this is what I have learned over the course of the week:

1. It gets better – it’s really hard to sit still and focus on nothing, but believe me the more you do it, the better and easier it becomes.

2. Don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes thoughts crop up and you wonder “why the heck am I thinking about that now?” Who cares why you’re thinking about it, just observe the thought and let it move on. Once you remove yourself from the thought and become an outsider it is a lot easier to let it go.

3. Change up your time of meditation to see if one time works better than another. I was doing mine before bed, but switched it up yesterday to before dinner. Not sure what one is better at this point in time. With more practice however you should be able to do it anytime, anywhere.

Good luck this week with your meditation!




2 thoughts on “The meditation saga continues…

  1. I just finished my meditation portion of today’s yoga dvd. I was successful at clearing my mind and entering a deep, meditative state. Only one problem – I’m exhausted today and wonder if I was drifting into sleep rather than meditating. Hmmm? How do you know if you’ve reached that state?

    1. Well the easiest way to prevent sleeping is not to lie down…were you lying down? I am not trying to be a smart alec in writing that…I am completely serious. I think reaching the “state” is pretty subjective. I have noticed lately throughout the meditation challenge a major improvement in my ability to focus on the “third eye”. I know it sounds fairly silly, but focusing on my inner eye allows me to completely disengage from the physical world around me…well not completely, but close. At the moment I only have fleeting moments of perfect focus which are then interrupted by another thought however, these fleeting moment are increasing. I think the more meditation you do, the better you will be able to discern between more sleepy states and the real “state” that you are aiming to achieve. If this completely confusing let me know and I will try to be more clear. In summary, the “state” it is super hard to do and maintain but with practice it gets a whole lot easier.

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