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Wednesday Workout Tip: Don’t pull a hammie

Just in case you’re wondering hammie is the correct spelling and short form for hamstring. If you disagree, please refer to this very reliable website for more short forms commonly used in exercise settings.

Your hamstrings are a group of muscles located in the posterior thigh that are responsible for flexing the knee and extending the hip (see picture below). We often forget about our hammies, focusing predominantly on strengthening our quadriceps and glutes. 

It is important to focus equally on different muscles when strength training. Strengthening is important however so is stretching. Tight hamstrings are largely responsible for a lot of lower back pain. So if you’re feeling muscle aches and pain in the lower back, get stretching   

Click here for some exercises to work out those hamstrings. And after your intense workout check out these amazing stretches.  

Pulling a hammie is no fun at all. So be kind to your hamstrings and you shall be rewarded.



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  1. * Jenny says:

    Great website of short forms, some gems in there haha. I just love reading your posts 🙂

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 10 months ago

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