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You won’t ever get this weekend back

This weekend is going to come and go. You won’t ever get it back. You’ll have another weekend in five days, but you won’t get this particular one back.

So why not use it up? Why not plan something? Why not do something this weekend that you will remember? Why not do something every weekend that you’ll remember?

Perhaps a hike or bike ride with the family. Perhaps a light stroll and sit in the park alone. Maybe meditate by a large body of water. Do cartwheels on your lawn. Plant a vegetable garden. Do something that means something. And try to do it every weekend.

I know that sometimes life is too busy to do something memorable every single weekend. But try. I’ve noticed that as I age, time speeds up. I wake up and all of a sudden I find myself getting ready for bed. Days meld together. I look at myself in the mirror to find a grown adult staring back when inside, I feel like a teen.

I’m working hard to do something memorable every weekend. Sometimes its tough, but I’ve managed to do it for the past month and I am going to keep trying.

You won’t get this weekend back. So use it up.



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