Wednesday’s Workout Tip: Find Freedom in Activity

So I’ve decided I am becoming a hardcore cyclist. It’s just that awesome.

If any of you amazing readers read the post on my first experience with cycling you may have questioned a number of things (i.e. my maturity level) but mainly, whether I would actually continue this new pursuit.

The answer now is firmly, 100%, without a question, yes. OK so I have only done a couple of training sessions since my first experience, but they have both been exhilarating.

So what’s the point of this post? To talk about myself? Nope (well I guess a little bit). It’s to encourage you to find an activity that makes you smile, laugh and feel at one with the environment you’re in. Even with the Kingston bugs whacking me in the face, arms, and legs I still felt at peace. A feeling I don’t experience with running, swimming, or exercising at the gym.

With all my heart I encourage you to try out different activities until you find one you like, no, love. You have to love it. It’s the only way you’ll keep doing it. So go running, try out dancing, hit the yoga studio, suit up and jump into the local pool, slap on the skates and fly across the ice, get all whited out and fence – do anything that tickles your fancy and keep trying out things until you find the something that’s for you. It will take time, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Find the activity that gives you a feeling of freedom.



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