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Happy Easter Egg Hunting

This year, why not turn your egg hunt into a family affair? Even if you’re an adult child visiting mom and dad with no little ones to speak of, why not have an egg hunt? Seriously, why not?

The entire process of purchasing, hiding and hunting for the eggs will cause a slight calorie burn (even though eating the eggs may negate all the effort). If you want to, increase the intensity. Make it a race, a competition, or add in an obstacle course – get crazy (or not). The more crazy, the more fun, the more laughs, the more calories burned…not that everything is about the calories and I bet you want me to shut-up about calories, especially this weekend (and especially because I rarely talk about them). It’s true, I rarely talk about calories but they are important to consider – especially when energy intake is likely going to exceed energy output such as during this weekend.

Yet my reason for posting about egg hunting wasn’t to discuss calories. It was more so to help make physical activity fun (if only for this weekend). Making it fun, crazy, or competitive almost prohibits you from thinking that you’re exercising. I’m totally serious. If you’re having fun doing something active you are likely not going to consider it exercise – exercise is associated with the gym, feelings of resentment, and oftentimes boredom.

So make physical activity fun this weekend. And if you find yourself enjoying it why not make it fun all year round? It’s totally possible. Re-associating exercise with fun physical activity may help you stick with it. It doesn’t always have to be physically demanding/exhausting/boring to be good for you.

Happy Easter and happy hunting.



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