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Going out for dinner?

This morning I read an article about how to eat healthy when you go out for dinner. It was a pretty balanced article about how to get around consuming a days worth of calories in one sitting.

Yet, I have something to say about this. I eat fairly healthy at home and make a conscious effort to pack a balanced lunch. I don’t eat too many snacks in between meals as most are composed of empty calories. Yet, I love going out for dinner. It is such a treat (especially if you go somewhere good). Alot of times the food isn’t all that great and full of salt leaving me thirsty. However, if you find a place you love, that makes you feel good when you eat – enjoy it. Savour each bite. Engage in mindful eating. Allow your brain to experience the full food experience. Don’t try to cut calories at your favorite place – cutting calories may reduce your feelings of guilt (which I want to touch on another time) but it will likely lead to dissatisfaction with your meal.  

In saying this, I am not advocating to eat unhealthy on a regular basis. And who says your favourite restaurant is unhealthy? Thus, while I encourage you to eat healthfully during the week and be mindful of your intake, I also encourage you to enjoy your favourite restaurant, dish, or drink without thinking about its caloric composition.

Happy eating.



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