Wednesday’s Workout Tip: Get a partner

Finding a workout partner is the best way to kick-start and stick with your exercise routine. In my motivation posts I discussed the importance of social relatedness in regards to exercise and sport. We are a social species, we seek out situations that will enable us to interact – exercise is no different.

You all know you are more likely to do something if you know someone is there waiting for you. You may prefer to workout while chatting with your partner, or perhaps just running beside someone with your headphones on. Whatever fits your exercise needs is right for you, just make sure your partner feels the same way (nothing worse than someone trying to talk to someone wearing headphones).

Having a partner isn’t just for running/walking/cycling (the aerobic stuff) but it can also be fun to do some weight training exercises. If you can find a medicine ball (perhaps available at a local gym or if you feel like splurging the local exercise-equipment store), you are in for a good buddy workout. Click here to read about some sweet medicine ball moves.

Other good buddy exercises:

  • Swimming
  • Squash, tennis, badminton, table tennis
  • Horse-back riding
  • Cross-country skiing, skating, snowshoeing
  • Martial arts

While some of those activities may not seem like buddy exercise options, they are. Having a friend sign-up with you will likely increase your enjoyment of the activity and, in turn, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.

Happy Wednesday.


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