Some blogs for thought…

Good morning all. I thought today I would share some health-related blogs that I really enjoy reading.

Dr. Arya Sharma – Sharma provides a clinical perspective on a number of current obesity-related issues.

Weighty Matters – Dr. Yoni Freedhoff provides a direct and clear opinion a number of health- and obesity-related issues. You may not always agree with Freedhoff, but he sure does provide a unique and clear perspective!

Obesity Panacea – A blog that provides information about anything and everything related to health. It is written by one PhD candidate and one recent PhD graduate who are well-versed and educated about health and its associated issues. In the past they discussed the utility of various health-related products. Both writers incorporate humour and wit whenever possible. I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog.

Snack_Girl – This blog provides interesting and healthy recipes to a number of delicious snacks (that aren’t typically all that healthy).  

I encourage you to visit and take a read through these blogs!



3 thoughts on “Some blogs for thought…

  1. Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for the shout-out, and again kudos on the new blog! I am always amazed how Yoni keeps track of all his incoming links, not to mention posts and tweets daily, runs a clinic and has a family – that man must not sleep.

    Just a small correction to the OP description – as you may recall, my dear friend, I have seized being a PhD student as of 12 months ago 😉

    BTW – we need to do dinner again with the gang. It would be great if we do that prior to May as we are moving.

    Peter…I mean…DR. Janiszewski 🙂

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