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It’s the weekend…and it’s raining

Good morning! So it’s the weekend and it’s raining. Not fair. You had a hike planned. Or a bike ride. Or skating at city hall.

The good news – you can take a day to snuggle up by the fire/tv/light to read a book. Sometimes it is important to let your body rest. Work can be stressful and overwhelming at times. It is important to give your body the rest and care it deserves. And sometimes that means just resting for a day.

Enjoy your rainy Saturday. Don’t worry that you won’t make it out for your hike, bike ride, or skate. You’ll get it done tomorrow, or Monday. If it’s still raining tomorrow take a look at your City’s website to see if there are any indoor physical activities going on. I know Lululemon offers complimentary yoga classes on Sunday morning (usually starting around 9:30). I encourage you to see what is going on in your community. In Kingston, there is an indoor rock climbing wall which always promises a good workout.

So if you can – rest. If you feel the need for exercise, I encourage you to seek out an activity indoors, offering protection from the rain that is hopefully free. You may be surprised by what is going on in your community.

Happy resting.



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