Make time for grocery shopping

Have you been in a Loblaws, Dominion, Fortinos or Zehrs lately (well any grocery store owned by Loblaws)? Noticed anything different? During my grocery shop on Sunday evening I became keenly aware of a certain blue hue taking over my local Loblaws. Blue items quickly began to fill up my cart. I looked up to see large, blue, apple posters staring down at me (check out the pic – taken from my phone…I am now the creepy grocery store lady taking photos of unaware customers).

So why so much blue? Loblaws is part of the Live Right Now program headed up by the CBC. It’s well worth checking out…click here. The program allows Canadians to create their own online profile to track their weight loss/health goals. To help Canadians actually achieve their goals the site also provides information on physical activity, healthy food ideas, and tips from various health professionals. Online, Loblaws is advertising a number of healthy food options predominantly from its Blue Menu line.  Hence the increase in blue (Blue Menu products) adorning the shelves of all Loblaws owned supermarkets. 

Blue Menu products are touted as healthier alternatives to regular President’s Choice (PC) products. I admit to buying Blue Menu products. I have without question, trusted PC (I would hasten a bet that most Canadians do as well). Yet during my Sunday shop I decided to actually look at the ingredients in a Blue Menu product – my trust had wavered just a little due to the mass product placement. I looked at the ingredients in Blue Menu falafels (of which I have a deep fondness for)  – chick peas, onions, high oleic canola oil, garlic (contains citric acid, salt) cilantro, salt, baking soda, spices, citric acid. Now, I’m no dietician. Nor am I food expert. Yet, there was not one ingredient that stood out to me. Perhaps I am missing something, but all ingredients seem fairly standard. 

I was impressed for two reasons. Firstly, I took the time to actually check out the ingredients in a product (and fortunately my wavering trust in PC was restored). Secondly, the product actually appeared to “practice what it preached” for lack of a better expression. I did only check this one product and this finding may not hold true for all Blue Menu products. Thus, be sure to check them out before you buy them. And that goes for all products you purchase.

So what’s my point? You need to allow yourself time when you grocery shop to look at the ingredients in what you’re buying. I appreciate that I am not a working mother of 4, managing my own business, etc. I realize that not all grocery trips can be 2 hours in length. I also realize that not everyone likes to grocery shop. Regardless, I think it is really important to start taking a look at what you are actually eating. Maybe you can’t do it for every product, but looking at a few is better than nothing.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised and not horrified at what you find. If there is an ingredient you don’t recognize, look it up. The more aware you are of what is going into your body, the better.



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