Wednesday’s Workout Tip: Get a partner

Finding a workout partner is the best way to kick-start and stick with your exercise routine. In my motivation posts I discussed the importance of social relatedness in regards to exercise and sport. We are a social species, we seek out situations that will enable us to interact - exercise is no different. You all … Continue reading Wednesday’s Workout Tip: Get a partner


Some blogs for thought…

Good morning all. I thought today I would share some health-related blogs that I really enjoy reading. Dr. Arya Sharma - Sharma provides a clinical perspective on a number of current obesity-related issues. Weighty Matters - Dr. Yoni Freedhoff provides a direct and clear opinion a number of health- and obesity-related issues. You may not always agree with Freedhoff, but he … Continue reading Some blogs for thought…

The immediate benefits of exercise

It’s Saturday. The joys of the weekend await you. I thought I would talk today about the immediate benefits associated with exercise – and when I say immediate, I mean right after. Improvement in insulin sensitivity. Why is this good? Improved insulin sensitivity at the myocyte (your muscle cell) means that more glucose will get … Continue reading The immediate benefits of exercise

Wednesday’s Workout Tip: Get Intense

Work out today at 75-85% of your age-predicted heart-rate max (HRMax; 220-age). For example: I am 24 so my age-predicted HRMax = 220-24 = 196. Working at 85% of my HRMax = .85 x 196 = 167. Yes, that is a fairly high HR to work at, but it's not impossible. I know when I … Continue reading Wednesday’s Workout Tip: Get Intense

How to reduce anxiety through exercise

What is anxiety? You often hear people say that they are anxious about an upcoming speech, test, meeting. As Dr. Ratey (author of Spark) writes, these are normal responses to upcoming events. However this becomes cause for concern when you start to feel a general sense of dread and worry on a continual basis and it begins … Continue reading How to reduce anxiety through exercise

Conquering your fear(s)

It's Friday again. It's crazy how quickly time goes. I promised at the start of this blog I wouldn't talk about myself. However, I thought I could break that rule just for today to discuss my recent experience with fear. Last Friday I signed up for an Olympic length Duathalon. It consists of a 2 km run, … Continue reading Conquering your fear(s)

How exercise combats the effects of stress

I am currently reading the book Spark by John Ratey, MD. It's a fascinating read that provides insight into the biological relationship between exercise and improvements in stress management, mood, and other conditions such as Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder. Ratey references a number of scientific studies in his book and makes it relatable and engaging by incorporating case studies. I love case studies. My … Continue reading How exercise combats the effects of stress