On barefoot running

Barefoot running is a fairly new and growing movement in the world of running. Today, I entered this world, but not necessarily out of choice. Well, no one forced me to run barefoot on the hotel treadmill but I wanted to have a quick workout and didn't pack my running shoes. So barefoot I went. Despite … Continue reading On barefoot running


All about belly fat

Abdominal adipose tissue better known as belly fat, is a serious problem. While being overweight is not good, the location of where your fat is deposited is a bigger issue. This notion is only starting to work its way into popular media however, the message is just not moving fast enough. It is important to … Continue reading All about belly fat

The fat burning zone – real or fake?

You've all heard it from one friend or another, "if you want to lose weight, you've got to get into the fat burning zone". When I first heard this expression I thought "yes, I do need to get into this magical zone. I do have some fat that needs to be burned". At the time however, … Continue reading The fat burning zone – real or fake?

Start a Streak

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Derrick Spafford - a running coach and trainer, writer, and exercise enthusiast - speak at a local event. In 1989, Derrick started what he has coined a "streak" of running. Since that day in December (I believe) he has not taken a single day off running. I was immediately … Continue reading Start a Streak

The truth about sitting…

Statistics Canada recently reported that only 15% of adult Canadians meet the Canadian physical activity guidelines. The guidelines recommend that adults exercise for 30 minutes per day at a moderate to vigorous intensity all or most days of the week. So what is the remaining 85% of the population doing? Sitting - well, for the … Continue reading The truth about sitting…

Live Right Now

The CBC has launched an exciting new initiative titled "Live Right Now". It is a campaign targeted at Canadians to improve their physical activity, nutrition, and weight. It has partnered with Loblaws and the Ontario Medical Association. To check it out: http://www.cbc.ca/liverightnow.  The site is packed with information written by physicians, personal trainers and nutritionists. It encourages … Continue reading Live Right Now