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I can’t and won’t get down that hill

Recently I was at Mt. Tremblant with my family. My mother is fairly novice skier however, our morning skiing adventures had gone very well (we were all smiley and happy at lunch). The afternoon was a different story. My boyfriend decided to take us down a slightly more challenging hill. Minutes into the run, my mom fell. She was right in the middle of the run and below a lip, making her difficult to see. Not a safe spot to be. In my attempt to help she only become more entangled and upset. Fortunately a patrol came by and helped her up. All was good…or so I thought.We continued to move forward (some more quickly than others). I stopped halfway down the hill to look back and saw my mom yet again, in the middle of the run (see above picture). This time Evan (boyfriend) was there with her. He began to walk/run/waddle (in skis) up the hill to help her. After about 10-15 minutes we were moving. Yet again, I turned back to check on her progression. And yet again, she was getting comfortable with the snowy ground. Evan climbed back up the hill and helped her up. I could see her take off her skis and begin to walk down. I thought to myself, we may not get out of here until nightfall.

Evan patiently waited. I waited. She put the skis back on. We got down the hill. A hill that usually took us 5 minutes non-stop, took us one hour to get down.

After that first fall, my mom mentally fell apart. She forgot everything she knew about skiing – her form, her control, but most of all her confidence.

Mental strength and confidence in your ability are (I believe) integral to being and remaining physically active. What is the tune of your internal soundtrack? Are you constantly telling yourself that you can or can’t? Are you complimentary and congratulatory to yourself? You should be. You need to believe in your own ability before it can become and stay a reality.

My mom did get down the hill that day and two days following she got back on the metaphorical horse. She took a lesson and got her confidence back up. I am proud of her. She decided to take control of her fear and lack of confidence.

You need to firmly and sincerely believe that you can be active. You will be amazed at what your body is capable of once you put your mind to it.



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  1. * Jess A. says:

    I have been hit with fear on the ski slopes, too; its true that your brain can shut down on you, leaving only terror in its wake. Skiing is different from other sports/activities in that when you’re stuck, you’re hundreds of metres up a steep hill (at the very least). Making yourself move DOWN the hill counter-intuitively is terrifying. Congrats to your Mom on getting back out there!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago
    • * Linda Craig says:

      Just want you to know that my lovely ski instructor said I was read for Blue runs – just got to get that mind and body together!

      | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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